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Congrats to the Pei Wei Blogger!
After hosting a two month national search for the Pei Wei blogger, we have selected Alice Shin to accompany our chefs on an 18-day trip throughout the five Asian cultures (China, Japan, Korea, Thailand & Vietnam) that make up our menu. Our chefs will be searching for culinary inspiration for new dishes at Pei Wei as well as looking to re-visit some of the classic traditional flavors from each country. Alice will be tagging along to share all the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the trip with you. Take a look at the Chefs accompanying Alice on her journey, the other four finalists and the trip itinerary, and when you are ready, click over to the Pei Wei Blog to read their adventure.
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About the Pei Wei Blog:
The Pei Wei Blog is where East of Usual® comes alive. Being East of Usual® is breaking from your traditions and trying new foods and engaging in flavor tourism wherever you can. We want you, the Pei Wei fans, to expand your culinary horizons, and we are committed to helping you along the way.

Follow along as our chefs, our Pei Wei Blogger (Alice) and our blogger panel from around the county bring you flavors, sights, sounds and smells from the five Asian countries that inspire our current menu flavors, but also as they explore the flavors & meet great chefs from your very own neighborhoods and backgrounds. From international cultural differences to inspirational new takes on traditional flavors, join us in the search of East of Usual®.

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